How to update label in settings of Form-object?

Can i update label of settings-type in Form object? How i can do it?

For example, I have

formStructure_create_source_type = [{ type: "fieldset", name: "some_name", label:"some_label", width:410, list:[ { type: "settings", position: "label-left", labelWidth: 180, inputWidth: 180, labelAlign: "left" }, { type: "input", name: "input1", label: "name_of_input1"}, {type: "button", width: "110", name: "some_name", value: "some_value"} ] }];
And i want to change parameter name of type fieldset.

I have the same issue


I not completely understand your question

Change name? You need to change this then:

formStructure_create_source_type = [{ type: "fieldset", name: "some_name_changed", ...

Andrei, thanks for reply.

I take in mind to change label-name dinamicly. Not in initialization.


If “name” attribute assigned to item - it should be uniq and can be used for accessing item. Like id. There is no functionality to change item’s “name”. If name will not set - it will generated automaticaly.

If you mean to change fieldset’s label, you can use:

// form's init data formStructure_create_source_type = [{ type: "fieldset", name: "some_name", label:"some_label", width:410,... ]} // change fieldset label myForm.setItemText("some_name", "some_label_2");