How to update license verson to GPL-3.0

I have the problem about my myevaluation period for dhtmlGantt has expired.
I used the dthmlx-gantt package.
but it’s license is GPL-2.0.

how to update the license of dthmlx-gantt package.


Hello Lynn,
If you see that the Trial period is expired, it means that you connected the Trial version package as other packages don’t have the function to show that message.
You need to remove the Trial package from your project and install the GPL version manually.
Also, you need to check that the Trial version of the dhtmlxgantt.js file is not connected on any of your pages as it will still work and show the message.

Regarding the license, you can use Gantt in the GPL-compatible projects:
GPLv3 is not compatible with GPLv2, but you can use GPLv2 programs in your application with the GPLv3 license.