How to update scroll_hour after init and parse?

I set some initial config properties on my scheduler and then call scheduler.init(). Then I go get some data and call scheduler.parse(). Now based on the data, I want to scroll down to 3pm, so I tried:

scheduler.config.scroll_hour = 15; scheduler.updateView();
But that didn’t work. How do I get the scheduler to recognize the new scroll_hour?

Update view restores the previous scroll position.

Try setting scroll with scheduler.showEvent method. You can pass either event object, or custom object with start_date property. Passing only a start date is a kind of workaround of api, but the approach should work in your case[code]var date = new Date(scheduler.getState().date);

//set the required hour

//scroll to it using .showEvent

or you can disable “preserve_scroll” configuration:

scheduler.config.preserve_scroll = false; … onfig.html