How to update time section when changing custom select in lightbox?


Hi dhx team,
I have created a custom scheduler.config.lightbox.sections using the code in example for “linking selects”. All work great.
Now, what i want is, when i change the value of the child select (so i will create a ‘onchange’ key) i want to change the time select hours, start and end.
Do you have any clue ?


Hi @nathan-sv ,

You can change values of the time section with the setValue method:

The code may look like follows:

var parent_onchange = function (event) {
	var time = scheduler.formSection('time');

	//gets the value
	var value = time.getValue();
	time.setValue(null,{start_date:new Date(2020,03,10, 14, 30, 00),end_date:new Date(2020,03,11, 18, 30, 00)}); 


Here is a demo: