How to upgrade from Gantt chart version 4.2.1 to 5.0.5

Hi All,

Currently, i am using 4.2.1 Gantt chart JavaScript version and i have the row alignment issue. Please see screenshot below.

When i turn off the Smart rendering, the row alignment was working fine. Is this issue fixed in later versions? If, yes, then can you please help me in upgrading Gantt chart from 4.2.1 to latest version of Gantt. Also, when i upgrade, will there be any issues or it will get upgraded easily?


It’s strange that you have the row alignment issue when you use smart rendering. It is not typical problem, so I’m not sure it can be fixed by upgrading Gantt.
How to upgrade the version - it depends on edition. For example standard you can download here

New version should not cause any problems. The version is compatible with the previous ones.