How to use a value in a different column?

Dear community,

The ‘custom column’ is very powerful. However, does anyone know how to use values of other columns?

As seen in the tutorial, the ID can be captured with this code:
var row_id=this.cell.parentNode.idd;
So I tried to capture a value on the next line with this code:
var name_c=mygrid.cells(row_id,3).getValue();

But it doesn’t work. Does anyone know how to make this work?

custom columns: … olumntypes

If your custom column index is less than the “3” it is not available to get the value of that cell as it is not rendered in the grid yet.

Dear Sematik,
Is there any workaround for this behaviour you think?

Unfortunately it’s not available to get the value of a cell that is not loaded to the grid yet.