how to use combo box with filter in the DHTMLX grid cell


we are using DhtmlXGrid with column type as combo box,

we used following code to add the combo type in the grid…

mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridbox’);

mygrid.setColTypes(‘co’);-- this will set the combo box for the column type.

here we have multiple options to select the items from this combo box for each cell, here we want a facility to filter the elements

from the combo box.

please let us know how to use filter option in cell combo box … ?

we know how to use normal dhtmlx filter combo box … but wanted to know how to use it when it is in grid cell.



The grid support two types of combos
    “co” - simple selectbox
    “combo”  - dhtmlxCombo in grid

Please check … omboexcell