How to use dhtmlxScheduler with Vue + node.js?

  I have enterprise license, and I have Scheduler’s PRO version source.

  I referenced how-to-start document, but my project is created use "vue create xxx" already, (, and usually we add a new component to project use command: npm install xxx --save, so I used npm install command:
  npm install dhtmlx-scheduler --save 
  The reference document is: 
  It looks no problem, actually it's not, beause the dhtmlxscheduler.js and dhtmlxscheduler_units.js is not ok

 Then, how to use dhtmlxScheduler with Vue + node.js? My Scheduler’s PRO source how to use?


all public sources (CDN, NuGet, Bower, and npm) contain a Standard edition of the component. As the Units view is available in the Scheduler PRO version only, please follow our instruction to add Pro editions to your project:

In order for the Scheduler working correctly with Vue.js Framework, please add the global scheduler and the scheduler_units extension to your Scheduler.vue file. Your code should look like the following:

/*global scheduler*/
import 'dhtmlx-scheduler'
import 'dhtmlx-scheduler/codebase/ext/dhtmlxscheduler_units';