How to use Grid's htmlEnable?

According to the example provided by _ , I can write the statement block correctly in my html code, but when I using PHP to insert a url into a grid, the web page displayed /org1.html"></A> and it could not be clicked.
I will show the PHP code and wait for your help, thank you very much! ! !

htmlEnable property allows to display the inner html content in the cell. it is not allowing to display the content of the external files, or the result of the php script.

I think he’s trying to have a link in the grid cell. I’m experiencing the same problem.

the link itself displays well for me locally:

I’d guess that the issue lies in how you’re using quotes within the PHP, and how json_encode is representing that. In your PHP, you have

$d['borrowerobjid'] = '<A href="/org1.html"></A>';

First, with nothing between the <A> and </A> tags, I’m not sure what you’re expecting to be able to click on, but that may be a side issue.

But it’s the single and double quotes that I think are causing problems. json_encode wraps double quotes around values, so having a double-quote within the value itself may cause parsing issues. You could try swapping your single and double quotes to see if that helps:

$d['borrowerobjid'] = "<A href='/org1.html'></A>";