How to use PARAMS in Ajax post?

The dhtmlxAJAX documentation reads:


Sending POST AJAX Request

The only difference in making POST request with dhtmlxAjax is additional argument next to URL - POST parameters:,params,callbackFunction);

    var loader = dhtmlxAjax.postSync(url,params);

where params is a string of name=value pairs united with &, like "param1=somevalue&param2=someothervalue


Suppose the url I post to is “mypage.asp”

Within mypage.asp, how do I access/iterate the contents of params?



This question isn’t related to our components - it is asp question.

Possibly something similar to the following can be used:

p1 = Request.QueryString(“param1”);

it is asp question.

I had a sneaking suspicion that would be the case. I had expected to find them in the querystring but that does not appear to be the case and since the post to the page is via ajax I can’t have my ASP page write anything out to help me see the values. Ok I’ll look around elsewhere for the answer.

Paul, did you find an answer to this?  I actually have a similar issue - I cannot pull out the query string items in ASP.  There are none.  The mask and pos items are not there with the combo box for some reason.  I found this out by just trying to drop those items in to the XML output and it should show up in your combo box.  Example:

Call GetData(request.querystring)

function getDateXML2(TheData)

   Response.Write “<complete add=”“true”">"
   Response.Write "   <option value="“1"”>one_" & TheData & “”
   Response.Write “”
end function

Let me know if you figured it out.  Thanks!


Use p1 = request.form(“param”) within your asp page to obtain the param value when using dhtmlAjax POST