How to use PDF/Excel export with multiple grids?

The grid is an awesome product, but it is also frustrating when there are surprises :frowning:

So I have a page with multiple tables. At any one time, only one table is shown.
The PDF export works only for the first table (the one that is visible by default) and not for other tables :frowning: Iโ€™m assuming it does some initializing on load? I tested by making all tables visible, then it works for all tables. How to fix this?

Technically, if you have multiple grids on page export must work for any of them.
Export doesnโ€™t check visibility of the grid, but it uses already rendered data for info collection. So be sure

a) on moment of export call , hidden grid really has data
b) you are not using smart-rendering in hidden grids ( while in hidden state, such grids will not render their data, and there may be problems with export because of that )

There is something else I am missing. The data is rendered and I am not using smart rendering

Please, provide any kind of sample of your code to reconstruct the issue.

I stopped loading all 40 odd tables. Instead I switched to AJAX - I now have only one table, and keep refreshing that table when the user picks a new value. This is working beautifully :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help.