How to use Scheduler.Net in MVC6 with vnext.


As my client is going to purchase Scheduler.Net control and wanted to integrate in his system, as I am the developer of that application, can you please answer to these below question.

1- Can we use this control in MVC6 ASP.NET vNext version 5?
2- Can we download supported files from bower?
3- If this control is not available in MVC6, when it will be available in it.

As my application is developed in MVC6 dot net version 5, and I did not find any suitable sample in it.

Please help me to figure it out.



  1. Right now dhtmlxScheduler.NET is not compatible with ASP.NET vNext, the fix will be available in a couple of days.

  2. Scheduler.NET is published only on NuGet, since it contains a class library. Although, you want a javascript version of the component, it’s available both on NuGet and Bower … -or-nuget/

  3. The fix is in progress, most probably it will take a day or two untill it will be available

Any update on this?