How to use scheduler with google cal?

I’d like to connect dhtmlxSchdeuler and Google cal.
and I’ve found the post about it.

but the sample is based PHP.

I’ve tried to figure it out but it doesn’t work.

anyone connect them based on java and jsp?

Don’t have a ready to use sample, but it looks as not a complex task.
There is a java library for communication with google calendars … guide_java

You can

  • use it to connect to the calendar in question
  • request data from google calendar
  • output the same data as json ( xml ) for scheduler

thank you for your answer.

I’m wondering whether dhx scheduler works with google calendar api v3 or not.

I’m a new developer so I really have no idea how to deal with google calendar api and hdx scheduler…

can you show me the simplest sample for me?

scheduler itself is a js component, which can’t interact with google calendar directly, you will need to have some server side code for it.

You can use samples from google doc, they have them for plenty of server side languages.