How to use slider with library compiled with liccompiler


I compile all components with libcompiler.
When I want to use a slider with minimal initialization, it does not appear, why?

Here is my code:

We need completed demo with js/css files you have compilled. … leted_demo

You can send it to with a link to this topic.

a email with all files is sended to your support

Thank you for provided files.
There is no “terrace” skin for 3.6 version.
You can choose one of the skins from local sample:
Or try to use slider like a toolbat item:

In DHTMLX 4.0 (which is coming soon) will be terrace skin for slider.

I try:

var slider = new dhtmlxSlider(“slider”, 100, “ball”, true); -> not work

var slider = new dhtmlxSlider(“sliderBox”, 200);
-> not work

Please give me a code that works with the library that I sent you

Sorry, i forgot to inform you that you need to include slider library again, after compilled js files

But you can try to use toolbar:

toolbar = new dhtmlXToolbarObject("sliderBox"); toolbar.setIconsPath("../dhtmlx_pro_full_terrace/imgs/"); slider = toolbar.addSlider('costs', 33, 150, 0, 100, 30, 'min: 0', 'max: 100', 'slider');
This part of code works fine with your sample. Attached screenshot was made with this code based on your sample.