How to validate if start_date or end_date is null

Hi all,

I want to ask how to validate if gantt.parse(data) have null value in start_date / end_date.
And in the column i want to show only text without start_date / end_date value.

In this case, me using php to create json for gantt.parse(data). In php file i create validate something like :

  1. if (start_date != null) ? ‘start_date’ : null; ===> this validation still generate start_date / end date randomly in task layer.

  2. if (start_date != null) ? ‘start_date’ : ‘someChar’ ===> this validation return error “invalid day index”.

Please help.

you can inspect values in onTaskLoading event handler … event.html

If you want not to display random-generated dates in grid or hide bars of such items from timeline - you’ll need to redefine a templates for task dates in grid and class template for bars in timeline … lumns.html … plate.html