How to vary tab content area

I am using right tabs,I put these tabs in the layout,I want to vary the content area of the tabs while changing the position of splitter.So I defined width of tabbar in the %.then also it is not varying when I change the position of splitter.

I gave defined tabbar like,

can u tell me how to do this??

You can try the next working approach:

<div id="a_tabbar" class="dhtmlxTabBar" tabstyle="silver" imgpath="../dhtmlxTabbar/codebase/imgs/" style="width:755px; color:#FFFFFF;" skinColors="#FFFFFF,#FFFFFF" onbeforeinit="a_tabbar.enableAutoSize(true,true)" oninit="a_tabbar.normalize(755,true); a_tabbar.setTabActive('a1');" offset="15"> <div id="a1" name="Tab 1-1" style="height: 300px; background-color: black;">Content 1</div> <div id="a2" name="Tab 1-2" style="height: 600px; background-color: #556b2f;">Content 2</div> </div>
These 2 divs aren’t equal, and common tabbar size has to be changed.