How to word wrap the left text in horiz bar chart?


In the Bar chart, stacked horizontal with 3 bars, on the left margin of each bar is its description.

the Left Side Text in the
yAxis: { template: function (obj) { return “” +obj.rname + “” + "    "; }

There needs to be word wrap, but no carriage return symbol or <br will have any effect. It would be as if:

Title 1 first
Title 2 has much more info
Title 3 last

this is in a mobile-friendly web page that will shrink/grow; but this very simple task has become a show stopper. with any or all of the break sequences I have tried, even all together, it does not format the label into 2 lines

“Title 2 has
\n much more info” becomes:
Title 2 has

Can the left side text word wrap?



All labels in Chart have “white-space” “nowrap” property. You need to change it to “normal” set an appropriate height: auto or some fixed value:

height: auto;
white-space: normal;