How update more than 1 column with SubGrid ?


I would like to take more than the specified column out of my SubGrid. It would be great if there’s a way to write column 1-3 of my subgrid into my grid (as shown on the attachment).

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Unfortunately such feature is not supported. “grid” excell is attached to a single column of a parent grid and sets the value to a specified cell.

OK. Is there a way to update a second column of the parent grid if the first column of the parent grid is updated by subgrid? Something like the “math calculations”. If in the parent grid 2nd column notice that 1st column is not empty fire an action ?!

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You may try to use onEditCell event to control the edit of the cell: … oneditcell

to get/change the value of a cell:

val=mygrid.cell(rowId,colInd).getValue() // get the value of a cell mygrid.cell(rowId,colInd).setValue(val) // set the value to a cell

Great works fine … thank you :slight_smile: