HOW USE onclick method in radio button of grid


i need to know how to add radio button to the grid in html requirement is like this.



Like above html table i need to implement grid in html table…i know how to use grid in html table…but i don’t know how to use onclik mehtod in grid radio button and how to pass parameter which are dynamically assigned to the onclick method during the iterations…please help me …after doing every thing …i struck with this…please help needed very urgent…

Grid provides a ready “ra” excell. Just set the column type and the necessary attributes:

<tr attr1="…" attr2="…" …>

Column N

function doOnInit(){

grid.attachEvent(“onEditCell”,function(stage,id,index){ /this event wil be called when cell is edited (radio is clicked)/

if(stage==1) some(grid.getAttribute(id,“attr1”),grid.getAttribute(id,“attr2”),…);

return true