href with parameter

How can I place hyperlinks in the menu bar with a query parameter like this?

the structure accepts this form
but dose not accept this:


There was a bug in menu. I’ve attached the latest version (16.8 KB)

Thanks Alexandra…


I’ve updated my version with the one you gave, and it supports great one parameter, but i’ve problem with two, like this :


Is it my bad, or a is it problem like the previous one ?


if you set link in the xml, you need to place the url into CDATA tag:

it’s a bit more complicated than this…

In fact, i use XSLT (1.0) to transform my xml output to the dhtmlx template. So my link is in a xml node, and then i set it into the tag like this :


<xsl:value-of select=“LINK”/>


Set a second CDATA becomes hard…

k i reply to my own problem :

To set a second CDATA into CDATA, i had to define a tag with special characters, like this :


<xsl:value-of select=“FTC0VAL”/>

The output will be :

So it matches with the dhtmlx template…