HTML and ColSpan

I have tried everything I have been able to find here about using colspan and initializing from html. Can you take a look and see what I’m doing wrong. This is my latest effort but colspan is not working at all on my fourth row.


Supplychex Vendor Dashboard .hover { background-color: navy; }
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I want this row to have colspan on it but its not working. Send Full Packet


try to replace




Thanks for the reply.

I tried that along with a few other things and it still doesn’t work. I have noticed that in my firebug it shows a message that:

mygrid.enableCollSpan is not a function

So can you tell me where this function is defined? Maybe there is a problem with the order of my include files?

Required library edition: This method requires Professional Edition of the DHTMLX library

cm1310 is right.
enableColSpan(mode) method requires Pro version of dhtmlxGrid.
Also make sure that you have typed the method correctly.
In your message you have typed method with doubled “l”