HTML code in a textarea

Hey guys,
Been looking for an fix for this but haven’t found it. I have data that contains HTML code, when I send it to the form it is encoded, such as, “<html><body>” this results in output like “” in the textarea. However, if I send the same data to a cell in a grid the encoded html is decoded.

Is it possible to get the same functionality that I am seeing in the dhtmlxGrid, in the dhtmlxForm?


This is native behavior of browser html parser and cannot be fixed with dhtmlxForm.

Thanks for the reply. I actually just ran into an issue where my grid stopped working due to the data contain html. I had to double encode it to get valid XML files.

Finally figured out how to resolve my problem, changed textarea to template. I’m only using the form to display read-only data, so I had this “textarea”:

{ type:"block", name:"Bottom", list:[
  { type:"settings", inputWidth:"auto" },
    { type:"fieldset", label:"Description", list:[
      { type:"input", name:"DSC", rows:10, readonly:false, inputWidth:"380" }

Changed this to:

{ type:"fieldset", label:"Description", list:[
  { type:"template", name:"DSC", readonly:false, inputHeight:"150", inputWidth:"380",
    style:"font-family: verdana; font-size: 9px; overflow:auto; border: #adadad 1px solid;" }

There maybe a better way of handling this, but so far it’s working.