Html in grid header


To do custom filtering I added an input identified by it’s id as html string to the second header row of a grid. While this works fine for me, I have a problem when the column gets scrolled out the left of the window. After beeing scrolled in again it seems the grid newly creates the input because it’s suddenly empty.

Any idea how to solve the issue would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately due to the VDOM usage only the elements visible in a view render and removing from the page if it goes out of the view.


Thank you for your hint. Meanwhile I succeeded in programming around the problem by doing seperate book keeping and doing updates on scroll events.

But things would have been much easier for me if it would be possible to hand over a function to the headers text (text:) slot rather than a string constant. Your code could call this function if redraw is needed. Wouldn’t that be simple to implement? :slight_smile:

Best Wishes

BTW: I guess it’s a bug in your code because this only happens on first scroll out of the screen. In this case your code updates the DOM. My code does not intercept anything on further subsequent scrolling out of the screen. Isn’t this mysterious? :wink: