html in textarea


I’m using a wysiwyg text editor for event’s description and the datas are saved in html in the sql DB.
What can I do to have the correct display for the html text in the lightbox textarea ?

can you please clarify the issue?
Currently if lightbox textarea is mapped to event property that contains html - it seems to be displayed correctly

Thank you for you response, some explanations…

As you can see on this sql table the datas are saves, for the test, with french characters and html.
The html code <> coming from the DB is not executed and stay visible in the lightbox textfield. However, I can manage it and forget the html.

But, specials characters (é) are replaced by black rhombus. For this it is normal because I use the command: dp.enableUTFencoding(false); because the sql table is in “latin1_general_ci” and I need to keep that. I use charset=iso-8859-1 for the all site. So the saving data on sql db is correct but loading from db is not.
How can I stop the utfencoding for loading?
Or do you have an other solution?

Thank’s a lot…

It must be caused by page encoding, scheduler does not do with the data charset on loading.
Make sure that the same encoding is specified for html page, php and mysql connection

The encoding was the same for client and server sider at each level.

But I found the solution with:

on the scheduler page.


Just before the render_table.