HTML in Visual Designer

I am trying to create a popup window in my design. I want the window to look like the windows in the Schedule example with Save/Cancel/Delete buttons in the status bar.

In the forum here:

Alexandra describes using this code:
. . .
var sb = win.attachStatusBar();
sb.setText("<input type='button" value=‘Cancel’ style=‘height:22px’><input type='button" value=‘Save’ style=‘height:22px’>");
. . .

But when I try to place the text:
<input type=“Button”…

The text area goes red when I enter the quotes (either single or double). If I try to enter the code without the quotes, the text is HTML encoded where the less-than and greater-then signs are converted to < and >.

So it seems that I cannot do this in the designer, correct?

It seems the designer may be a good place to proto-type an application, but cannot be used to really fine-tune an application because I keep running into road blocks.

Along the same lines…

In the Visual Designer, I have a grid. I want to center align the headers in the grid. In reading the documentation, it says the one way to center the lines is to do the following:


  • I don’t know how to make the Visual Designer use the 3rd parameter of the setHeader command.


The visual designer will not let me put the html:

As the column header because it escapes the value like this:
actionGrid.setHeader([“Period”,“Money Line”,“Point Spread”,"<div style=‘width:100%; text-align:left;’>A</div>",“Team Total”]);

So, is there any way to center align the headers in a grid? Or, more broadly, is there any way to insert html into values like the grid label or the status bar text like the examples and forum support pages show?

You can change align of the grid headers by ‘Styling’ section of the grid properties:
CustomStyling - check

as for html, in current version of the designer you can’t put html in properties, it will be fixed in the nearest update