HTML tags lost

I am using dhtmlxSuite_v402_pro.

My grid has some columns declared as “txt”.

I can type in text as “This is in italics” and when I leave the cell after editing it I see : “This is in italics”.

But when this is saved and reloaded the formatting tags (, ) are lost. No such tags in the DB, no such tags when the cell is reloaded.

However, when I modify the DB and that I add the tag, and I reload the grid from the DB, I do see italics in the grid (on my browser).

Any hint to what is happening? Is “txt” the kind of cell type that supports HTML? If so, why would it be lost?

If you are using connector for data saving, it strips all HTML tags by default.

Check … riptingxss

You can add to connector something like next

ConnectorSecurity::$xss = DHX_SECURITY_SAFEHTML;