htmlEnable and autoHeight bug


I have had a kind of mistake when trying to put HTML in a grid with autoheight, sometimes it does it well and sometimes it does it badly. Example:

In my project I have put UL and LI in a grid cell with htmlEnable and autoHeight but the height is not correct. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?


Any suggestions or solutions?

Please, note, that for the autoHeight mode htmlEnable: true allows calculating the content of simple HTML templates by excluding HTML markup and calculating internal content but in case of complex HTML data, usage of the autoHeight config may lead to incorrect size calculations

So how can I put a UL tag and LI tag in the grid cell and have everything render and look good?

In the new version 8.3.1 the same bug keeps happening

In version 8.3.5 this height error still occurs with complex html