I have a very odd issue.
I am using Joomla 1.5 and on a website we realized that the calendar will load for a second then break.

The page reloads with : “The text below, contains details about of server side problem.”

Problem is there is no text below to explore this issue.
The site with the problem is is fine.

Any ideas?



Javascript component can load data only from the same domain from which page is loaded.
During installing, plugin takes default domain from Joomla configuration, and sets path to datafeed based on it. So when page loads , calendar on page loads data from that datafeed.

If you load the page from the same domain as default domain of Joomla - all works correctly.

If you load the page from different domain, data can’t be loaded in scheduler - because data and page are from different domains.

The page reloads with :
It is result of “debug mode” which is probably enabled in scheduler’s settings