In given sample for static smart rendering,
I tried editing first few of cell rows with larger text and setting white-space:normal for that cell so that particular row’s height gets bigger. if I click on link [Select row with id=r786; myGrid.selectRowById(“r786”);] the required row is not getting displayed.

My question is if each row’s height is not fixed will static smart rendering work properly. (But seems like it fails for the sample example as mentioned above).

In case of smart rendering mode, the grid expects that height of row is constant for all rows.
So you can change row height, but you need to do it for all rows. And you need to provide this info for the grid, by using setAwaitedRowHeight API


Is there any way to make smart rendering to work with different heighted rows?

Nope, there is no easy way.
Grid in the smart rendering mode needs to calculate visible rows range based on scrolling state. it is non trivial if component doesn’t know height of each row.

I achieved the use case by calling _add_from_buffer with required index to be scrolled to as parameter and after that calling showRow. Is it supported? If not can you suggest some way to achieve the same. Thanks