Hyperlinks when loading from CSV

Hi Everyone,

I am using a simple grid structure to manage access to different documents and files. My column #1 contains a hyperlink to the document in question.

When I load from XML it works fine, the XML tab is a bit clumsy due to the amount of escaping that is needed, but it works.

I am trying to change the ‘back end’ to CSV so that my end users can amend and update the source data a lot more easily without having to worry about unescaped ampersands etc etc. I have changed ‘loadXML’ to ‘loadCSVFile’ and the data loads into the grid perfectly - except…

The hyperlink is no longer rendered. What I see in the grid instead is the textual representation of the input i.e. TEXT.

How do I make the grid render the hyperlink properly when the source file is CSV format??

Thanks for any help.



No suggestions at all??

This means one of two things - either the question I am asking has a ridiculously simple answer, in which case, someone please put me out of my misery. Or, no-one else knows the answer either, in which case I am at the bleeding edge, once again.


1,-1500,<a href="url" target="_blank">TEXT</a>,John Grisham,12.99,1,24,0,05/01/1998

the below one works well. link is displaying corerctly.