I am currently having a problem using your splitAt() functi

I am currently having a problem using
your splitAt() function to freeze a left most column of my grid.  It works
fine if I definite the grid strictly using JavaScript.  However, if I
define the columns and their attributes in the XML, the splitAt() function
doesn�t seem to work correctly.  In my scenario, I don�t know how many
columns I will need initially so I was hoping to define that information on the
server side as I dynamically generate my XML.

I have attached a zip file with a simple
HTML file which replicates the issue.  The first grid works correctly, but
uses only Javascript to define column attributes.  The second and third
grids do NOT work correct when the column

Attributes are defined in the XML.

You can use split with
configuration from XML, but split command must be issued only after grid
structure was defined, and before data was loaded. In your case it can be done
by adding “call” tag with “splitAt” command directly to XML

I have a grid control that is difined with XML (structure and data). Im trying to use splitAt function but it doesnt work. I tried using “call” in “beforeInit” section and in “afterInit”,  but nothing works… As you replied the split function work only it is called after grids definition and before loading data. Is there a “middleInit”  that I can use in order to enable splitat function??  any idea???

The order of events in case of init from XML are next

a) if beforeInit section exists - commands from it processed
b) if configuration of grid exists
    c) configuration applied
    d) grid.init() called
    e) if afterInit section exists - commands from it processed
f) data from XML loaded

So afterInit processed exactly in necessary moment, but it is called only if have configuration of grid in head section

        Book Title
        In Store

Im still having problems with splitAt, I got a javascript error: “Invalid argument”. It seems that its impossible to use splitAt with XML configuration

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