I am currently using the professional version of dhtmlXTree

I am currently using the professional version of
dhtmlXTree.  I am having a problem with the tree not properly updating
after a change to one of the nodes.  I currently have a .jsp file
providing an xml string.  The xml string is being loaded using
dhtmlLoaderObject.prototype.loadXMLString in dhtmlXCommon.js

know the function is being called, and it returns an xml string in the
“this.xmlDoc.responseText”.  However, the string is not
updated.  The .jsp associated with this ajax call is never being called.

In an
attempt to refresh the tree, I’ve done tree.deleteChildItems(“0”) and
then tree.loadXMLString(new xml).  I would have thought by doing this, I
could force the tree to run into the .jsp file when it was expanded.  Any
help would be appreciated.

It seems that the main reason of your problem
is IE cashing behaviour. Please try to add some random parameter to path to jsp

Also the mentioned function loadXMLString designed for
loading XML from javascript string. To load XML from file ( as in your case )
you need to use loadXML function.