I am trying to find a list of all possible values associate

I am trying to find a list of all possible values
associated with the grid colum types. I�ve noticed that you have some column
types in your examples that are not outlined in the documentation. For example:
calck and acheck are not listed in the documentation under Usage of Cell
Editors (eXcell). How can I get a list of all possible values for the grid (
setColTypes() )   ? 

 The core version of grid support
next column types:


They all are described in documentation.

Additional to them some extra eXcells are distributed
with full component package. Such additional eXcell organized as separate js
files dhtmlxGrid_excell_EXCELLNAME.js


“calck” - simple calculator


“calendar” - calendar ( based on Yahoo
calendar )


“clist” - list of checkboxes


“link” - active link in grid

There are some more additional eXcell types can be
distributed, based on package version
(“acheck”,“mro”,“ed_text”,“cntr”) - but
they have very specific functionality.<o:p></o:p>