I cannot change the date in the map view

In my scheduler, I can change the date(s) displayed by clicking on the arrows at the top of the scheduler. However, when I click these arrows in the map view the date does not change. Please can you tell me how I can get the date to change in the map view.
Many thanks.

Map(and Agenda) view does not scroll dates, it uses predefined date range. By default it shows events between the current date and current date + 1 year. You can change it with scheduler.config.map_start and scheduler.config.map_end configsscheduler.config.map_start = new Date(2010, 0, 1); scheduler.config.map_end = new Date(2014, 0, 1);

OK, thanks.
My next question then, is how can I get the map view to only display the items for the day selected in the day view? Currently I have set it to the current date but I want it to change to whatever day is selected in the day view.

[code]scheduler.attachEvent(“onBeforeViewChange”, function(){
var start = scheduler.date.date_part( new Date(scheduler.getState().date) );

scheduler.config.map_start = start;
scheduler.config.map_end = scheduler.date.add(start, 1, “day”);

return true;