I can't define combo box in dataGrid with filter

i have dHTMLX data Grid with Combo defined with this XML

			<column width="100" type="ed" align="center" sort="int">1</column>
			<column width="*" type="combo" source="autocomplete/ComboComunicator.php?comboID=Goods" auto="between" align="left" sort="str">2</column>
			<column width="250" type="ed" align="left" sort="str">2</column>
			<column width="150" type="ed" align="right" sort="str">3</column>
			<column width="150" type="ed" align="center" sort="int">4</column>
			<column width="150" type="ed" align="center" sort="int">5</column>
			<column width="150" type="ed" align="center" sort="int">6</column>

Everything is OK but filter between not work. When i type in combobox values not filtering.

I suppose that this my correction will clear the issue?

I think in XML
<column width="*" type=“combo” source=“autocomplete/ComboComunicator.php?comboID=Goods” auto=“between” align=“left” sort=“str”>2
will do this but no

I wrote about letter R in the name of the method enableFilteringMode(). At first try to correct this mistake. If it will not help you we will seach further :slight_smile: