I can't get the corret filter value in the list

Hi team,

If i try to get the filter list from the response file in the filter mode, I got all the list(Filter not working). That is … If i try like this…


    var objDhtmlxCombo=dhtmlXComboFromSelect(“filterVornameCombo”);


Using the above code i send the request while filtering in the combo box… and in the jsf file i got the values for the options from java bean … that is, in sample.jsf file

<f:selectItems value="#{TestBean.vorNameListMap}"/>.

It returns the response as







and it loads in the list… but it is not filtered … that is if i type “s” then i must need 1 options only in the list. “sample1” , but i got all the list . so the filter is not working. and i also need that

if i select “s” means send the request to get the list starting with “s” and if i select “si” or “sam” etc… then the list is filtered only with the exisiting list, because we have all the values in the list starting with s, Dont need to send the new request for this.

So please guide me to get this result.

Thanks & Regards,


There are two modes of filter

a) client side filtering - all data loaded at once, filtered on client side
b) server side filtering - data loaded by chunks, filtered on server side

In you case both modes mixed, the correct code will be

    var objDhtmlxCombo=dhtmlXComboFromSelect(“filterVornameCombo”);

   // client side filtering enabled
    objDhtmlxCombo.loadXML("…/…/sample.jsf");   // loading list of options