I cant get values submited from FORM (post method), when the

Hello, i have this design.


<form name=“foo” method=“post” action=“foo.php” … >


<input type=‘submit’…>

<br> <br>In this document, you can manage tabs, add and remove, and each tab has some values (text inputs). In foo.php, i cant read the values in post mode, with php. <br> <br>I add, tab content with this <br> <br>[code] <br> tabbar.addTab(id,name,"180px"); <br> <br> tabbar.setContentHTML(id, sHtml); <br>

In sHtml, are there some "<input type=“text” id="foo_name_’ + id …>.




$id = 1;

echo $POST['foo_name’.$id]; <= nothing



�Any help me? �Is possible this way or i need to manage database with other method?

Thank you, and sorry for my english.


the way, that you use, is correct. Tabbar doesn’t provide built-in methods to control tabs content