I have 2 question2

hello,I have 2 question2
One,the dhtmlxGrid’s load was must be in body’s onload function?
I want to used one button’ click to call grid’s load function
like this code:
var mygrid = mylayout.cells(“b”).attachGrid();
mygrid setting…

Two,when my data from 2 tables,How to render the Grid on server side?
SQL: selet A.name,B.product from A,B where A.id = B.Aid
Then,How to How to render the Grid for Java.


Yes, you may load the data to the grid calling the load() method from the onclick of your button.
The provided code should work well.

About the loading the data from 2 datatables - unfortunately such feature is not supported for the JAVA connector. I may only suggest you to use your own custom server-side solution to get the required data and build a valid xml from it.