I have a page with 2 dynamic trees (the XML is pulled dynam

I have a page with 2
dynamic trees (the XML is pulled dynamically from a database using a PHP file -
tree and tree2).  There is also an unrelated hidden iframe at the bottom
of the page for some ajax purposes.  In this IFrame I�m manipulating the
trees based on certain conditions.


The tree visually looks like:





Test1 itemId = 000002|006cr0

Test2 itemId = 000002|004bc1


Calling these command works fine. 
It deletes Test2, refreshes/open/selects Test1 as you would expect:






However, I would much rather just refresh the
entire tree.  I tried doing parent.tree.refreshItem(),
parent.tree.refreshItem(0), and parent.tree.refreshItem(�0�).  None of
that worked.  Instead the tree was completely empty and apparently the XML
wasn�t re-retrieved from the server.  Maybe I�m missing something. 
Any idea how to make the entire tree refresh from the server?  Thanks!

Please be sure that you set source of script used for
refreshing by:


method. efreshItem will not working without calling
this method.

For example:





all mentioned calls



must reload all tree. In case of calling from iframe
there are two problematic places:

a) Please be sure that your bottom iframe has document
in the same domain (to prevent cross domain security problems).

b) Please beware that when you execute loadXML from
another iframe - the result loading URL can be related to the document in this
iframe, not the document in top window - you can try to set absolute http path
in setXMLAutoLoading command.

 If necessary I can send you a debug extension which will show which url
used and xml document loaded from server on your commands.