I have a single page that is made of several hidden divs. I

I have a single page that is made of several hidden divs.

I have created a popup and want to attach one of the divs to the popup.

Here is the code that I’m using to accomplish this:

var the_window_id = “a_window_id”;

var oWin = top.dhxWins.createWindow(the_window_id, 10, 10, 500, 500);

oWin.setText(“Some window title”);



var thisLayout = oWin.attachLayout(“1C”);


var parent_win = top.dhxWins.window(“parent_id”)._frame.contentWindow;

the_div_obj = parent_win.document.getElementById(“some_div_id”);

thisLayout.cells(“a”).attachObject(theObj); // => Invalid Argument

// thisLayout.cells(“a”).attachObject(“some_div_id”); // => Invalid Pointer

This works perfectly in Firefox and IE8; however, in IE6 and IE7, I get a javascript error “Invalid Argument” when I try to attachObject. If I try passing in the div_id instead of the div object, I get an “Invalid Pointer” javascript error. I know I’m getting the right object. When i alert the_div_obj.innerHTML, I get all the right html div contents.

Is this a known issue? Have I missed a step? Please help!


try to make the object visible before attaching it to the layout.

Making the object visible did not help solve this problem, but it did give me another idea.

I ended up created a new dhtmlxWindows object to manage the popup.
For some reason, using the parent window manager wasn’t working out for me.