I have dhtmlxtree.js script error if I change meta data

If i change →

I have to change content to IE 7-> 10 to use drag and drop function.

But If I change this, there is script error in dhtmlxtree.js
this.parentObject.style.overflow=“hidden” ‘style’ property null error.
my dhtmlxtree.js version is //v.3.6 build 130417 but same problem with newest version.

Thank you.

Unfortunately the problem cannot be reconstructed locally.
Could you please, provide a snippet of your code with the tree initialization.

Sure… I hope this enough…

function treeBoxInit() {
var init = {
parent : ‘treeBox’,
image_path : _contextPath + ‘/js/dhtmlxTree/imgs/’,
width : “100%”,
height : “100%”,
firstURL : _contextPath + ‘/edms/tr/seGetRoleLazeLoadTreeCnt.action?id=0&’,
openURL : _contextPath
+ ‘/edms/tr/seGetRoleLazeLoadTreeCnt.action?treeDTO.t_category=T&treeDTO.pid=’,
insertItem : {
parentid : ‘pid’,
id : ‘tid’,
name : ‘tname’
lazyload : true,
lazyloadURL : _contextPath
+ ‘/edms/tr/seGetRoleLazeLoadTreeCnt.action?treeDTO.t_category=T&’
mytree = makeAttachTree(tab.cells(“a”), init);

// mytree.setXMLAutoLoading(_contextPath +
// '/edms/tr/seGetRoleLazeLoadTree.action');
mytree.enableHighlighting(true); // is switched off by default
mytree.attachEvent("onOpenEnd", function(id, state) {
	if(state == -1) return;	
	for(var i=0; i<this.hasChildren(id); i++) {
		var cid = this.getItemIdByIndex(id, i);
		var level = this.getLevel(cid, i);
		var color = j$('#tree_col_info [value='+level+']').text();
		//var bColor = j$('#tree_col_info [value=8]').text(); 
		if(this.hasChildren(cid) == 0)
			this.setItemStyle(cid, "color:"+color+";font-weight:bold;");
		else {
				this.setItemStyle(cid, "color:"+color+";");
	var tid = $('select_searchFormDTO_documentDTO_dockind_id').value;
	tid = (tid=="" ? "K0" : tid);
	//changeDocCnt(mytree, tid, "K");


Thank you for your reply.
If this source is not enough, I uploaded my jsp, js files.
password : 1234


Please help me.


this.parentObject.style.overflow=“hidden” ‘style’ property null error.

This error message can occur when you have invalid | empty parent container for the tree.
In your code, you have something like

var init = {
	parent : 'treeBox',

Please be sure that

  • such container really exists
  • there is no global var with the same name which can mask the container.

Your code uses makeAttachTree which is not included, but if you are using attachTree method on some cell, then you need not use “parent” attribute at all. Using attach method and parent attribute at the same time can result in strange tree’s behavior.