I have loaded some temporary values in Standard Grid now I w

I have loaded some temporary values in Standard Grid , now I want to  insert this grid values into Database. How to do this?

dhtmlxGrid  has 4  ways of saving data:

a) By using dataProcessor library, this way for each action in tree (
adding/deleting/editing) related event handler generate AJAX call to
server side. There are no ready to use sample for Java but guide
describes which vars sent to server for each type of call. You only need
to implement the correct DB updates for specified AJAX calls.

b) By serialization. The dhtmlxGrid can be serialized back to XML and
sent to server ( the sending routine is not implemented in grid and must
be implemented manually ), where XML can be parsed, data extracted and
DB updated.

c) form integration - grid can integrates in surrounding tag and
include all ( changed ) values in form scope on submit. This functionality
available starting from dhtmlxGrid 1.3

d) handle onCellChanged or onCellEdit events and make custom sync on
cell value changing - you can samples for different  DB tecnologies
available at scbr.com

a-b available only in PRO version,