I have the solution export an xls file with rowspan and col

maybe I have the solution to export an Excel file with rowspan and colspan

please test it and tell me what you think
generate.rar (804 Bytes)

I forgot to say that it is for export on the server side
and does not affect the client side

small addition


Hi, good work.
I’ll test it next week.
Thanks :slight_smile:

ok Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:



we can use this code in the convert page as it works well for both export pdf or excel

Do you have any solution for making colspan,rspan in headers work in Java ??
Pls note that I am using something like this so that sensitive data is sent to a local server and not to external server .

This works fine when there is no cspan in headers.

The last java version of export processes colspan/rowspan correctly.
Please, try to update export tool from here:
or use online export service:

Thanks a ton :slight_smile: This works !!