I need a DHTMLX window when my index.php load

Hi everyone

I nedd a little help,
I need to place a little anounce when a user visit my website, and I want to use a Dhtmlxwindow, with a dinamic content from a external HTML (marketing), and I want if somebody have any Idea about how to do it.




you can try to use the following approach to load different urls to the same window:

var dhxWins;
function loadInWindow(url) {
if (!dhxWins) dhxWins = new dhtmlXWindows();
if (!dhxWins.window(“w1”)) {
var w1 = dhxWins.createWindow(“w1”, x, y, w, h);
w1.attachEvent(“onClose”, function(w){
if (win.getId() == “w1”) {
} else {
var w1 = dhxWins.window(“w1”);
/check if window contains iframe/
if (!w1._frame) {
} else {
w1._frame.window.contentDocument.location.href = url;

This approach allows to create a window only once and hide instead of remove it.