I will be dynamically loading content while scrolling and w

I will be dynamically
loading content while scrolling and will need to allow the user to filter the

That is, I plan to have
a row below the headers where the user can enter something and the rows of the
grid will be updated to show only the matching rows.

For example, under the
header for name, if I type in John, only rows with names containing John should
be displayed.

Further, this filter row
under the headers should be a sticky one - it should remain under the headers
even when scrolling so that the user doesn’t have to scroll to the beginning to
type in filter data.

you provide me a solution that will do this ? I would like to know how to do
this on the javascript side and what APIs to call to integrate it with

For now the grid doesn’t have the possibility to have
additional row under header which should be visible on scrolling. Generally
this is possible to do, adding new row to yourGrid.hdr, but I can’t guarantee
this will not harm other grid functionality and visual appearance.<o:p></o:p>