Hy guys, long time!
Is there any way to connect to an IBM DB2 (Yukkk!, I know!) database?


It possible to use PDO db type ( db_pdo.php ), and as far as I can see there is a DB2 PDO data driver … 023135.htm

Thanks and long time no write, Stan!

It looks a bit messy… pdo needs odbc … my db2 database apparently will be on an IBM AS/400!!! Any way to connect more directly,(for example using "ibm_db2 ") or am I missing the point?

It possible to write a custom class as data wrapper, check codebase\db_mssql.php for example.
Similar to it, you can create a custom data wrapper class, and define at least the next custom method

  • escape
  • query
  • get_new_id
  • get_next