ICal recurring events


 Is scheduler able to render recurring events from iCal? I'm trying to do it but I cannot see the repeating representation.
 If is not able, how do you achieve that goal?


Aleix Vergés

Such functionality is not supported.

iCal uses very flexible format of recurring events, and even if it will be parsed - current recurring module will not be able to support all types of recurring.


  Any other way to allow that? Maybe with your db adapter?


ALeix Vergés

You can convert ical stream on server side to scheduler-compatible XML, which can contain info about recurring events.

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … ntegration

Still, not all types of recurring periods, which can be defined in i-cal format, can be converted to scheduler compatible equivalents.


  Thank you so much Stanislav. Will test that!


ALeix Vergés

Now, is there a way to import reccuring from iCalendar format ?
Or maybe an example of conversion for the dhtml scheduler ?

Without transition, is there a way to export reccuring to iCalendar format (existing functionality or examples/tuto, …)

I need to be sure its possible and how to do it (quotation of implementation of some behaviours) before buying a licence.


There is no native support, but you can use ready-to-use php helper


Thank you.