Id of elements

I was hired to implement an update on a web application written in ASP Classic and Javascript. My client wants to use various components of dhtmlxSuite Standart Edition. One of his routines has three dynamic combos (select). When the first of these combos is updated, the other also change together, because all options/values data are dependent of each other. This combos update occurs when onchange event fire at first select. This events call a function, which works with the IDs of the three combos. I could not update this routine using the dhtmlxSuite combo. I can not access the ID of combos. I made a simple javascript function in which I perform a loop through the form and search by all elements. This function found new elements whose IDs are the ID of the original field select plus the string “_new_value”. However, when I try access this element, I cant get any value. How to get around this? Sorry about the poor quality of English used: was Google who mostly translate this!

There is a combo group sample: … ombos.html

Hello Darya!
Thanks for your reply!
The example is very similar. Even so, I’m using the initialization method from a select field already existent (dhtmlXComboFromSelect).
The onchange event from COMBO-A, triggers a function that searches the database and returns an array as new data to populate/fill the the COMBO-B.
The solution that you recommended doesn’t allow me to select the COMBO-B after the array has been returned and available.
I do not believe, but it seems that there is no way to select the COMBO-B by javascript, either by an id, name or other own API method.
This is quite disappointing! :frowning:

Sorry, but combo-from-select doesn’t support combo groups (it has something like limited functionality)

Thank you, Darya!
I had already figured that.
As my client is concerned about appearance, I’m abandoning DHTMLXDocs libraries and trying to replace her with JQuery effects.
kind regards.