ID parameter is missed

Using a connector to populate a form.

In my connector I have:


“enity_id” is what this table uses for it’s “id”.

When I run this code:


I get the “ID parameter is missed” error. If I change the parameter to “id” the error goes away but I get an empty result set.

Since I have no control over the column names of the table, how do I get this to work. It seems the “load” function requires an “id” column to work.

Thanks for the help!!

You need to use the “id” parameter in the URL but in the same time ID field can have any name in a database, it is not limited to “id”. So the valid scenario will be “id” in the url and “entity_id” in connector’s configuration. If it still doesn’t work - try to enable log for connector.

Also, In the above code snippet you are using gridConn - are you using gridConnector or formConnector class ?