Hi dhtmlx team.

Due to your components i got hired for a job because the boss liked my demo the most ( we were 30 guys applied for the job).

Now i want to give you an idea about a skin.

Here in bulgaria ( maybe everywhere else ) when somebody applies for a job such that dhtmlx components would be ideal for building the application 7 out of 10 firms give an example that they want application similar to this one: It just has ultra cool layout. I think that if you build similar skin for your components it would be not one of the best libraries but just the best in the world.

I will be glad when you see this message to post back what you think about my idea.

helloooo dhtmlx team,

are you going to consider the idea?

We will think about it, thanks for the idea.

Thank you Stanislav. I will be eagerly waiting for its release. has an ugly green skin - no thanks!